Business Models

Tailoring a model to suit your business needs

Brand owners can choose a business model that is best suited their individual business needs. This is often determined by the following criteria:

  • Business services required
  • Inventory ownership
  • Product origin (International or local)

The two main business models under which we operate include:

Buy & Sell Model

This model mainly suits international brand owners with imported products

Key Features:

  • Wilson's purchase stock from the brand owner and manage the inventory
  • Wilson's sell & distribute products at a margin and take responsibility for debtors
  • Generally, a full package of business services is adopted by brand owners under this model

Sales Commission Model

Our company is not just an importer of brands. We also deal with a number of local and international brand owners who prefer to operate on a Sales Commission basis.

Key Features:

  • Brand Owner maintains title of stock – in their warehouse or Wilson’s 3PL
  • Wilson sells products at brand owners’ list pricing and receives an agreed % commission on sales
  • Usually only a selected number of business services adopted under this model including:
    • Field Sales & Merchandising
    • Key Account Management
    • Finance and Administration
  • NOTE: a full services package can also be applied to this commission model if required

We maintain a flexible approach to tailoring a business model for the brand owner.