Chop Chop!

ChopChop! Chicken is a range of cooked ready to eat premium chicken breast, in a can.

  • Made from premium chicken breast
  • Our chickens are cage-free and are raised in barns where they are free to roam
  • We only use hormone free, sustainably farmed chicken
  • Very similar canning process to tuna or peaches – all chicken is fully cooked and sealed in the can and heat sterilized. Contains no preservatives.
  • Low in saturated fat, high in protein
  • Selected flavours are Gluten Free and Halal
  • Ready to eat straight from the can. Requires no refrigeration until opened
  • Available in shredded and chunks in a variety of flavours


For consumer enquiries please contact us on 0800 867 776.

For trade enquireies please contact us on 0800 651 044 or